My Y Alerts

My Y Alerts

Sign up for My Y Alerts to stay informed of any closings, schedule changes, or special events going on at the Y and Y-Zone. Follow the directions below to begin receiving alerts by email or text message.

To recieve text alerts:

  • To receive general membership alerts (closings/schedule changes to pool, wellness centers, building): Text YMCAMEMBER to 84483
  • To receive pool/aquatic alerts (pool closings/schedule changes): Text YMCAPOOL to 84483
  • To receive fitness alerts (fitness class cancellations/changes): Text YMCAFITNESS to 84483
  • To receive gymnasium and racquetball alerts (gymnasium closings/changes): Text GYMNASIUM to 84483
  • To receive Y-Zone alerts (closings, cancellations, changes): Text YZONE to 84483
  • To receive childcare alerts (closings, cancellations, changes): Text YMCACHILDCARE to 84483
  • To receive summer camp alerts (closings, cancellations, changes): Text YCAMP to 84483

To recieve email alerts:

  • Go to
  • Type “New Castle YMCA” in the “Find Your Organization” search bar.
  • Under “Preferred Results,” click on New Castle YMCA.
  • Enter your email address in the area provided, check the “Agree to Terms of Service” box, and click “Start Signup.”
  • A validation code will be sent to your email address. Enter this code and click “Validate code.”
  • You may now choose from the list of available YMCA alert systems to which you can subscribe.