Developing Friendships through HIIT Class

HIIT Club Fitness Class

Before the Coronavirus pandemic affected our community, you would find members and families gathered at the Lawrence County YMCA, participating in programs, swimming, using cardio equipment and taking advantage of Drop-In Child Watch.  Every Wednesday in the group fitness studio, you would also find a group of members in the HIIT class (High Intensity Interval Training) dedicated to their healthy living journey.  They call themselves the HIIT Club, led by the dynamic Shannon Prusaitis, certified YMCA group fitness instructor.  

Through Shannon’s challenging and motivating workouts in the HIIT class, members including Somer Smiley, Jodi Vaneman, Allisyn Wolfe, Angela McCoy and Amanda Csuy built a micro-community within the Y.  For them, this was more than a group fitness class, it was an emotional support system. “We joke, laugh and worry about each other. If you miss one or two classes, we will call and check on you. The HIIT club is an amazing support network and we hold each other accountable,” says Shannon.  

During the state-mandated closure, the HIIT Club continued to find ways to work out and stay connected with each other. Shannon created an atmosphere that not only made fitness fun but encouraged others to overcome their personal fears and push past their perceived limitations. “When I first started coming to HIIT, I just did half the class and went to spin. The first month I committed to coming only to HIIT I lost 14 pounds! I’m so grateful to the Y and Shannon,” says Jenn.

Now that Coronavirus restrictions are easing, our members are back at the Y doing what they love to do, whether it’s swimming, working out, or simply meeting up with each other.  And the HIIT Club is back in the building too! “I have been coming to the Y for over 10 years; in that time I’ve had three kids and HIIT class is the first group fitness class that I have made a priority. It’s never the same class twice. I love the variety and I love Shannon!” says Allisyn Wolfe. Their determination to achieve their fitness goals plus their spirit of fun and camaraderie are a perfect example of the Y’s mission. “I’ve been coming to the Y for the past six years and there is nothing like sweating together to bond with a group of people. HIIT club did that!” says Angela McCoy.