UPMC Jameson Gifts Lifesaving Equipment

May 30, 2019

In April we found out that one of our members had a very rare heart condition. During one of our fitness classes this member collapsed. Thankfully the instructor was a trained nurse and there were class participants who had just finished life guard, cpr/first aid training with Brittany Zastawniak. They worked as a team and were quick to respond resulting in a lifesaving shock for our AED.

After the member was taken to the hospital we discovered that our AED was so outdated it was difficult for medical professionals to retrieve the data they needed from the device. Since that incident members of our staff have been working with UPMC Jameson and Chery Rickens the EMS Specialist for the AED program with UPMC to get us a new AED.

This past Tuesday UPMC Jameson gifted The New Castle Community YMCA, Mount Jackson Presbyterian Church and the Vocational and Psychological services state of the art AEDs. This donation was made possible by the UPMC Jameson Junior guild.

We will be forever grateful to UPMC Jameson and the UPMC Jameson Junior guild for their dedication to community outreach and helping to keep New Castle healthy. 

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