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Need help achieving your health goals? No matter where you are on your fitness journey, our personal trainers are here to help you succeed!


Meet Our Trainers


Ally PT Bio Pic

“Fitness transformed my life so much I just want to share it! I love the Y, I fell in love with the family atmosphere and how they treated me and my daughter from the beginning of my fitness journey to now being an employee.”

Ally is a certified personal trainer and Group Fitness Instructor


Mike Cubellis bio pic

“After school, I stopped doing as much physical activity and gained 20-30 lbs.  People saw me make the transformation from college athlete to unfit to well-rounded healthier adult. It made me focus on creating an adaptable training style. From pushing your limits to reminding you small steps are large victories” 

Mike is a NASM certified personal trainer as well as a certified Group Fitness Instructor.


Padraic Barber PT Head Shot

"I first got into training to help my lifting partner recover from an severe leg injury; he then went on to compete in a Cross Fit Reginal Qualifier. Pushing him to to be his best, led me to share fitness with any and everyone who needed help continuing their wellness journey. Helping others become the best version they strive to be."

Padraic is a ISSA certified personal trainer as well a multi award winning Jiu-jitsu martial artists.

Personal Training Packages

To help meet your schedule and needs, personal training is now available in 1-hour and 30-minute packages: 

In person 1-Hour Packages:
4 sessions: $155
8 sessions: $275
10 sessions: $320

In person 30-Minute Packages:
5 sessions: $110
10 sessions: $200
15 sessions: $290

Virtual 30-Minute Packages:
1 session: $22
3 sessions: $60
5 sessions: $95

For more details or to schedule a consultation, contact our Member Services team at (724) 658-4766 or Michelle Swogger, Community Outreach & Healthy Living Director at to start your Virtual Personal Training sessions today!