Personal Training

Need help achieving your health goals? No matter where you are on your fitness journey, our personal trainers are here to help you succeed.

Personal Training Packages

To help meet your schedule and needs, personal training is now available in 1-hour and 30-minute packages: 

1-Hour Packages:
4 sessions: $155
8 sessions: $275
10 sessions: $320

30-Minute Packages:
5 sessions: $110
10 sessions: $200
15 sessions: $290

For more details or to schedule a consultation, contact our Member Services team at (724) 658-4766.

Meet Our Trainers


Ally is a certified personal trainer as well as a certified Group Fitness instructor. 


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Collin has been involved in health and physical fitness since a young age. He started off with weight training for sports and continued on throughout high school and college. Collin earned a degree in Exercise Science from Slippery Rock University and is currently pursuing his Masters of Public Health from Slippery Rock University as well. Collin is a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and specializes in both beginner and advanced training protocols.

Collin takes a comprehensive approach to his training, focusing on all aspects of his client's overall health and wellness goals. His main goal is to empower his clients with the knowledge and confidence to continue on their journey independently.

“I started my journey way back when learning through trial and error,” says Collin. “I want to take out the guessing game for my clients and provide them with sound fundamentals to kick start their journey!”

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Mike, the current basketball coach at Neshannock High School, has led an active lifestyle. Having played sports all his life, after attending Westminster College like many once active graduates he struggled to keep up with his personal health. He has transformed himself not only physically, but mentally as well. He believes in building longevity, a family man, Mike aids in adjusting to the fitness lifestyle.

Mike is a NASM certified personal trainer as well as a certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Mike’s own fitness journey, family and the many questions asked by fellow Y members inspired him to become a personal trainer.

“After school, I stopped doing as much physical activity and gained 20-30 lbs.  People saw me make the transformation from college athlete to unfit to well-rounded healthier adult. It made me focus on creating an adaptable training style. From pushing your limits to reminding you small steps are large victories,” says Mike.

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